boring update

so allah gave me the chance to continue pursuing my life;im neither breathing or living.that was my subject due at an infinite intervals.whenever it means my 0% self esteem and intelligence is at stake or i haven't notice all these opportunities that were given to me.sudah.jangan bangang sangat.i said that to myself all the time.

im at this stage where i act in accordance,how my dumb brain works.i ought to realise that everyone has many shades,prisms, of themselves be it a visual feast or the solid contrary.merapu lagi lmao.

i still have this burning passion to write.but as you can tell can't find the ideals in my poems or penulisan buahaha.i was writing pretentiously.i had no direct incantations that bear constant cycles in my head of how i should be more descriptive;in a right way.

i care about how people think.but i never solely pondered to connect with them.

and then when i flickered my consciousness of how imbecile tht might seems to everyone(im a pretty annoying overthinker and it shows relentlessly).i complain a lot.susah nak buang tabiat ni.

okay dah.habis jap jap nk tutup ayat nk nampak clever sikit HAHAHAHAHA bangang

i soared my wings that burnt to ashes and i still try 
astaghfirullahalazim teruknya inglis

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