I don't know?

No pics this time.My thoughts were being unbearable this time.Different pitch in different arrays.My cousins were throwing some stuffed animals well you know im a sucker for patience.It hurts.I feel like using a full size fridge and stuff them in there,after hitting them a couple times with a sledgehammer but yeah.They stopped and im good lol why am i writing this.

Life is good,maybe.I always have to put a barrier on when my thoughts are doing it again.Im tired.How is it an easy thing to do?To snap out of it?Are you kidding me?I broke my leg and you said i have to walk and go on?Oh shit i sound stupid as hell.Well i am stupid.Probably the stupidest human being ever,you can even tell from my expressions.

"she doesn't know anything."

"yeah i am"

I've done a non-numerical calculation on balancing negative and positive thoughts over and over again.Same thing with maths,i feel like giving up halfway,the paper is torn up and i have to keep going.Pressing my calculator all over again,asking for my friends help and still,why am i so dumb?What have i done wrong?

It's just maybe that i was born a failure lol

Spending another two nights here,in my hometown.