Should or Should Not

Took a glimpse on my overview.Trying to catch on things that i have might miss out.And.Why do people still read this worthless blog?No u can't just read my old posts.That gives a bad reputation.I was enormously speech and write (everything that i says doesn't make any sense so is this one excuse meh but) impairment.It's not progressingly growing every passing day.I reckon people have lost the trust in the flare of words once their lips open the caskets.And what do they tell me?Sweet lies.

I must have cared so much that I immensely have insane trust issues nowadays.It wasn't about the fact that i've dealt with so much forced repulsion that shut out all those open doors.There isn't any or at least few of them but still.It meant so much to me.I figured out mybe it's the fact that i seem fragile.Any knife would cut me apart?No.You do have me seen in my worst.Because for all the times my smile look plastic i wanted to keep it engraved in my flesh.I lost it a couple of times.Im tired of having feelings.I have tons of mask everyday which make up a lot for the same materials,worth and dead end.

It's my fault for letting everyone towers myself.But i was sick.And hurt.Although it is indeed an amazing view.I just love what the sky has to offer.It's like receiving the warmth and breeze almost everyday.I feel like flying and getting a spot for myself.One day.I almost don't need anything.Well,i hesitantly wanted to lay my agreement.Which is just me rotting subconsciously and feeling like i've done it again.

I thought numbing the pain strucks the effect of the meds deeper.

It's not how i see the world.It's just everything that i do never worth it.

Oh sooooo 

I hope it works someday.

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