Keeping my heart from danger

I was wondering if my life is cursed. It's not that that i was defenseless and anxious in keeping up the rocks someone have thrown on my windows.Clearly not the sound of it that bothers me.Im practically used to the ambience itself.I have seen the situation as a whole.The small details do matter though.But it's not ought to be appreciated by someone like me.If i have had a luxurious car,do i want to have cheap permanent stickers on it?Absolutely not.Even if someone would give me everything that i've ever wanted.

Even the ideas to write.

My life.Is a vague canvas consistently being splashed by these tedious colors.I do have brushes on my hips.But the problem is,I don't even have any idea what im painting.Im blaming the scars on my hips for the pain on my temples.It's trainwreck one after another.

Music does explain the missing tracks.The feelings that i have been longing once i have lost track of the puzzles i have to complete.My fingers making sounds on the rocks,shaking uncontrollably on my command silently.

It should have been the paintings,not the artist.The melody and the lyrics.What are they doing for each other.Do they remember the faults and bumps that reappear out of nowhere?How do they mumble under the skin?

Just another pointless post.Excuse my grammar


Anonymous said...

Shh this is Geistbas, we've met, you know where.

As promised, I am trying to contact you.

Feel free to ignore me, I won't mind! By the way, hopefully you got over your allergy!

Aisya Zulkefle said...


aw hi there! no i won't ignore you! Thanks for stopping by ^^ hope u have a great dayyy aye as for my allergy it's getting unbearable sometimes but i do think i kinda get the hang of it now