Does time heal all wounds?

I feel like such a huge hypocrite when all that i can say to comfort someone is "time does heal."Like why?The truth is it doesn't do anything.As long as you find yourself attached to objects that shot the illustration that haunts and eat you alive,it doesn't matter what you do or try,your heart won't let it go.So many alterations could have been done in routines,as it brings nothing in return.

Look,i was stunned in awe when someone alleviated the irrelevant point in the saying "time does heal".A person can still have flashbacks of things for 10 years,an individual can still suffer depression from 5 years and more.It's just when you can't see the world for what it is,accepting the novelty and the bumps that you think is not there but you ended up falling apart because the speed doesn't alleviate the upcoming impact itself.Get it?Oh wow im laughing at myself.Again.

I was contemplating my paths,which are mostly orchestrated by my heart.I wouldn't blame it for understanding more and see less.Oh well,it is a catastrophe anyway.

Still confused and couldn't find the switch to my brain and the trigger to my heart.

Im so sorry for sounding so inarticulate though.See ya.

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