No i don't have it.I just,I completely understand how i feels.The darkness that lurks in your guts.The weight that lives in your chest when you halt the tears from flowing.The whimpers of your lost soul,begging to set free.It wanted the new host,that eats you alive,to go away.But it won't.It gets stronger everyday.It feeds off the smile you give,the passion you have,the determination to strive for your goals.Your motivation,is its favourite food.

Nothing tastes better than those,at least for the darkness that builds and engraves it's motto in you.Believe me when i say i imitate whatever it tells me.I have already lost everything that i feel nothing.My wings are not strong enough,to bring me back to where i belong.

It's a beautiful feeling.You wish you can share it with others.The endless dark tunnels it brings you,the glitch of your orientation,those frantic beams of light that hurts your eyes.You no longer wanted it to go away.It's the only friend you have.

You never will see the world the way it is.It's an exquisite lie.Why live when you can be dead?
Again,i don't have it.I just appreciate the ambience.

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