Using my brother's laptop for now,not gonna be frequent tho cus it might put him under the weather (wrong use of phrase ahahah ) next time i give up my pride to ask him again.Im kinda lucky this time cus he shot me an abrupty satisfying answer implying agreement of his impudent sister wielding his favourite stuff lols.I hadn't really ought to make out times he tilt his head beneath my correspondense of sacred-well-not-that-sacred- question.

Alright i should relate wrap things together.Should have talk about the title from the beginning lol but that's just me.Im easily distracted for god sake it's infuriating as hell i just can't ugh.Okay where do i begin.

It's not an odd thing for me to watch movies late at night untill 3 or 4 or almost 5 in the morning i mean um before u start casting unwanted speculations i only started doing that after spm.So that means it's a warning sign of sleep deprivation even at an early stage.Hahahahah Aisya it's not like u study much before spm u worthless shit.As the famous saying goes

prevention is better than cure.

Hadn't make a pretty good use of that.Yet.In relations of that with above statements which would have make people scowl and orchestrate impeccable frowns regarding my stupidity i probably oblivious to make any inclination of those issues.

Bangangnya kamu ni aisyah.

Hahahahahah so

Woke up at noon ugh actually earlier hours before so imma a pretty brilliant sport at procrastinating so i just had to put my phone into a good use.Youtube for hours before starting to let the flicker of consciousness to hold me a hostage once again.Looks like it could be challenging for type a people.If you have heard of that.

Omg i have drifted so much from the title.

Just so you know if you wondering what is one of my important qualities superimposed.

I have to babysit a five-year old kid soon.She's lovely.

im done.bye.


So it began.It ended.Years took a huge leap and it felt like i was once taking a stroll down a cliff and suddenly the world just comes- in a circle.I mean honorarily it was meant to be that way,but sometimes my heart acts like a sponge that immaculates the power up to a quadruple amount of adamantium,yet awaiting seconds to fully soak in its weakness-scorching hot water.

I never thought a year totally alleviates my understanding towards a lot of encounters.Like hey all of sudden i was lost in expansion of collison of my thoughts,They grow in patterns,sizes and etc hahahaha so i have this thing when i lose track of my train of thoughts which is caused by inability to express emotions in an appropriate time intervals.It will be lost in the sky,like a balloon that loses its grip on its string,that is held hostage by a force,all mighty and unembellishly contratry to natures belief.

My last paper was lukisan kejuruteraan or yea um in short lk.Glad it was not THAT hard like it hit me in addmaths lol i was laughing so hard and then i just bawl my way out of the exam hall.At that time all i needed is salvation in forms of physical or tediously quintedessance of appetite.The entire time i was like aw just rot in hell already lah dear self.

Not a great critic of myself.

I know.

I don't really know if im gonna miss my friends.Three days into the actual freedom everyone is probably rambling about right now at least for 98s i feel nothing except extreme boredom omg.I don't miss anyone.Or pretty much stuffs that i left in my school locker

And what're my plans?

I don't know because i broke my laptop.Pretty much all i needed atm.I want to finally pursue my dream as an author.Find a job(maybe bc idk either everyone's so excited about it) and to grow myself as an individual.I have a lot of work to do.Man,my english sucks ass.Anyone would never thought im 17

laughing at myself