Short update

Hey guys,i won't be uploading any picture here becauseee i wasn't suppose to be here right now.My younger bother got me doing him two origamis ughhh it's like sooooo freakin ughhh i don't know.It was a bother but i don't want him to bug anyone atm so i tuned in to youtube just for that.A fish origami and a fox origami.Both turned out ratchet.But omg glad he likes both of them.I don't want to duplicate all those handy-dandy flipping all of that.Im not that used to making those kinda art things if u get me.

Lots of things coming up tho idk i will be busy completing obligations flashing by.Exams,i have tuitions,paid and school-based.Idk how i will serve myself this year.To think of it,it last year was okay.Kidding,it is nottttttttt it's was utter reversed renaissance.It's for this year long aisya.Haiya u need to work ur ass or else nothing will ace up.Im downgrading myself in terms of educating,discipline.The departments are slacking off since last year.I didn't do much to churn all up to a fair tone of sheer gypsies.Ugh.

Im imagining my friends manifesting their leisure time by studying not just by surfing internet.Wut.Did i do my language right ohhh screw that up.Im even lacking like tons of ranks down on language.Okay can u believe it tho.Foreign language and mother tongue language are both aspects u need to tolerate in order to succeed in minors.As in saying majors.Alahai benda apa aku cakap ni hoi.Sorry.Hahahahaah *the choke on last meal cough but you need to go to the bathroom because u need to detoxicate hahahahaahahaha*

I can't stop typing helppppp

So my new years resolutions won't be alleviating some magic and factors but

It's the same hahahahahahahah im too lazy to type it here u know what im saying it's 9.34pm and  i haven't hit the bathroom yet.It WAS FOR ALL THE HANDY-DANDY FLIPPING FANTASTIC EXQUISITE UNCONCEIVELY RATCHET ORIGAMIS FOR MY YOUNGER BROTHER.

That took all my time soo see ya ugh im gonna miss youuu ugh ugh ugh seriously

it's 2015 and i still sound like um

a kid aw but that's not cute.

not even cute

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