worsening flood

So people have been chanting around and buzzing the news and updates since the worsening flood occured weeks ago i suppose.correct me if i crossed the fact unconditianally.(haven't been reading the news um).glad that didn't happen in Putrajaya,the love of my life right now.Lol.Okay but my friends across the country have been experiencing this earth madness that doesn't seem to stop though.Hope they are okay.I don't know what will happen,things do fabricate before we notice,from a spark that doesn't burn to fireworks that make the residences chant in awe.

I mean that's what i thought.I don't know. alah aisyah semua benda kau tak tahu lahai.

im being so lame by checking my blog stats.ha,there's people viewing my blog em why am i suprised.no one's has ever alarmed about my blog's existence,since the address change alphabetically.like really.

i was on the phone with syima last night.i miss her ughhhh.we've been more than acquainted few years ago.speaking about how time escalates.

school's gonna start less than a week.am i ready am i ready maybe not maybe yes.

people will say just follow the flow whatsoever.the cliche that gave a punch right in my eyeballs.they are bleeding with despair,frightened what is waiting,the scenery,everything.

im scared.there's ain't no all hell breaks loose next year,i hope.

ugh,why do i feel like im way ranks down about my language.i sound like an elementary school kid.

or maybe worse than that.adoilahhh.

why do i feel this way.isn't there any arrayed manifest that i didn;t know;yet leave them to Allah to monitor.

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