The appreciation

Oh hello again.Something just came up to my mind uh uh uh tell me it was awesome uh okay.

Long distancy is a term well for me it's just basically how distance works beyond the sights for everybody.It's a chance of knowing someone virtually(because that's basically how it applies to me) and getting a strong bond with someone you never imagine will change your life forever.It's something that you get in your own ways.Omg.Im not making any sense.Forget it.DUh,

But a lot of long distance relationships kinda set the bar up high more to the connection of two different genders.Or u know,partners.That involves feelings.More than an alliance.You know what i mean ugh.Im not getting to the point.

So the story starts like dis yo like dis.

Scrolling through my twitter thru the bottom like mybe only a few would do,I was obsessed with pitch perfect omgggggg watched it for like um idk times but i'll tell ya i even memorise the dialogues and songs and lemme tell you was rad.super rad.Skylar Astin omg.He's the one that i never forget.

He's cute.Mkay.But he has Beca.Can i cry now.

Idk how it all started between me and her.But i kinda get to reconnect what it seemed to be visualised back then.Maybe she or me retweeted something and suddenly we just talk about pitch perfect,just sharing stuffs about pitch perfect,

It was a year ago.Almost.Omg.

I can't even say how grateful i am to meet her.We've become soooo close than i would predict we would to.We share our secrets and problems and pretty much stuffs that u tell ur bestfriend.Idk.Idk what to say.We basically just blend together.

We never met before which sad.She's across the country to me.I've been to her place but didn't get the chance to make out to her sight.She's been in my state but i didn't last to get off my ass and meet her.It was confusing.Way more confusing.We've been on each other state which would take over 9 hours by car because i've been there before quite a lot.

She lives in perlis and im in putrajaya.

like two worlds tryna be in contact with each other.but lol we're not that far tho.Or maybe.

Im just so grateful to meet her.She's been there for me on my dark cloudy days that won't seem to go but the shades of rainbow showed signs in contact as she walks in.We talk a lot on whatsapp.

Sarah if ur reading this im sorry it was kinda boring lol but you know how much i love you and you're just a beautiful sunset that cascades it's pure sincerity to best of collided worlds uhuk.Im pretty sure you changed me in great way and i hate the fact that ur soo insecure and in solid denial for the greatest things of urself.

You're beautiful inside and out.

Words can't contradict that beauty that u have,on choices of words that warm my heart.That spirit that lifted me and repelled my dark side,i just.boom.Im so grateful to have you uhuk.

I wish i can be there on ur coming birthday tho.I really want to.Haih.

Distance doesn't do much of lack of feelings u have for someone except lightens up the perspective of urself to just know why you're still having the affection and connection to the individual

Excuse my screwed up language here.I tried to make the best out of it but,

Turns out it's still fried crap.No one would eat it.

ps:// did i just  oh nevermind

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