Oh hello again blog.Kinda miss you.So.These days off school has been ratchet.

To the point where i thought being dumb is like the only spell that would have been most appropriate to use.To cast.To fabricate.Choose your words wisely.Lol.Okay.I love playing with words.But speaking of that,

Im not that well on the grammar department.My uses of words and the u know my essays are trash.Im one of the worst students off my class.They're all have this conveniency(idk if that's a word) of words.Which doesn't practically implies to siti nur aisyah.The royal imbecile.Obnoxious.And deluded physical chunks of brain.I wish i can do a lot with words.Because i like to write.A lot.But my reading hasn't done anything decent or technically magical.

It's as easy as it seems.You're lacking is something that you're not fond of doing.
That's the case.It's just simple as that.Pemalas punya siti nur aisyah lol.Payah baca novel.

Nak kongsi ah .Okay.Not that i want to brag.Which could have been the unselected section or wtv it is halah of my life.Not to brag.Lol.Okay.Bengangnya aku.Hadoi lah.

So because i have this u know weird love for words and it doesn't seem to show in my everyday life basis,i love to do weird chantings in my essays.Talking about stuffs that are impossible to instill.And that's why i always get the downgraded ass-y marks for language.

But one fact about me is i love that stuff like a lot.I do have an amazing experience to sorta evolve in a world of determination.That starts off kat kem pembinaan bakat tunas remaja.The nationals kat Melaka.It was amazing.Semua berbakat belaka duh.I am the worst i think.I got paired up with two talented people of my state,ainaa and imran.Way too talented.

It was a national camp so u know.Lots and lots of greatest brainers to date.I was sucked in by my inability to compress words into undeniably amazing work of art.Omg.So embarassing.

Ok so it was great.And i think one of favourite moments was reuniting with my childhood friend.Her name is yanie.One of the kindest and sweetest person you have ever caught up to.She is in denial of her talent and im kinda sad.

I think i ramble a lot on this post.But whatever.Lol.Okay.

This is getting awkward.So

Things been so boring this month.I'll do a new post soon.Uhuk.Yep,Whatever


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