Extended days of famishing

well,royal announcement that basically implies agreement for all students in Malaysia for;

the extended school holidays caused by the worsening flood ugh.

but i've heard from articles online that it becomes better,especially at the East Coast.but that maybe sounds a strand better for those affected by the flood.I've never been caught up to such,but i kinda related in some ways possible.i know it's gonna be hard,with all that stuff occuring to you.

Even i've never experienced that sorta thing for a long time

Speaking about next year,im becoming a senior whatttt???!!!

I don't why that reminds me of High School Musical 3: The Senior Year 

I can't believe im that old 

It's my senior yearrrr warghhhhh, i don't think im ready.I've come up with the reasons of why i shouldn't been classified in the senior year.TO LAZY TO WRITE THAT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA.

Last year was a joke.In some ways.Talking about embarassing devastating irritating excruciating grades and ranks.but i hope 2015 will be a chamber for prosperity and new values coming up from myself.

I've been in those phases when i've seen before my eyes who will close the gates for me to enter,who will wait with palms arrayed with warmth.People come and go it's a fact.

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