2014, why don't u slow down for a minute

But the absolute truth is quite promising.Im kinda excited for 2015.2014 has taught me a lot.Mostly about people.Who leaves.Who lies beside you till the end of the day.Who showed signs of acquaintances even after years without seeing each other.Who finally waits for you and grasp you up while ur strangled by a rope densing you into tidal waves .It's a year im kinda looking forward too.I was scared.But yep.Because this time i've learned enough.People that knock your doors come and gave lessons.They dismissed ur calls and left.Just like that.That basically applies to me.

It happened in that recent relationship slayage.In a bad way.But whatever.

We're never gonna talk about that.Or bringing that up to the shore.Ugh no no no.It's repugnant.Hahahahahahaha

Im quite a badass spending every time at home doing nothing.Nope.But wait.Isn't that what a badass suppose to do.To act in a significantly dumb way,channelling ways to waste time ugh.Okay.I admit im doing my life wrong.Im suppose to make 2014 a good year.It's not appealing to the eyes and memories

Like everytime i'll try to reminisce every hour every ounce every single thing fabricated throughout the year, all i got is monotonous and gruesome howling in my flesh off my skin.

Im playing Up by demi lovato and olly murs right now.It's sky rocket-ing in my head.What a great tune.Feel like im dancing to it lol.

Haaa!!!I've got something to tell ya.Spent my time over Mai's house,my great friend.It was maybe a long time ago.Just before the school holidays.Roughly a month ago.With my other classmates,Mum and Cajun we played the dance off game hahaha can u not.Im the worst on the dancing department thingy.Mum acted the dance like a pro.She's a queen.Cajun,being himself quite good tho.Mai's great too.It was wayyy too fun.Dancing like nobody's watching.But seeing Mai's mum watching us dancing like mocking apes was too hideous tho.Like im feeling like hiding my head into my shirt.But i was in my school attire so it's not that possible to do.

2014 was fun,

2014 was not fun.

Do u see the difference.

2014 is one of the games and tricks of life.U can't have the best moment's being thrown out to you regularly.There's no such thing as a fairytale.No such thing as infinities living in the walls of your house.We are all mortal livings.Designated with unknown intervals of lifespan.At this very moment.our breath will stumble,franticly puffing,or

Ur just that lucky to live.

I believe 2015 has so much to offer.I can;t assure i'll keep living to the foremost next year.I glad i did have those ups and downs.From the moment i feel like smiling and screaming in shades of rainbows-to the time my tear-streaked face goofily enchance the days.

2015,come and lie next to me.Show me what you got.

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