2014, why don't u slow down for a minute

But the absolute truth is quite promising.Im kinda excited for 2015.2014 has taught me a lot.Mostly about people.Who leaves.Who lies beside you till the end of the day.Who showed signs of acquaintances even after years without seeing each other.Who finally waits for you and grasp you up while ur strangled by a rope densing you into tidal waves .It's a year im kinda looking forward too.I was scared.But yep.Because this time i've learned enough.People that knock your doors come and gave lessons.They dismissed ur calls and left.Just like that.That basically applies to me.

It happened in that recent relationship slayage.In a bad way.But whatever.

We're never gonna talk about that.Or bringing that up to the shore.Ugh no no no.It's repugnant.Hahahahahahaha

Im quite a badass spending every time at home doing nothing.Nope.But wait.Isn't that what a badass suppose to do.To act in a significantly dumb way,channelling ways to waste time ugh.Okay.I admit im doing my life wrong.Im suppose to make 2014 a good year.It's not appealing to the eyes and memories

Like everytime i'll try to reminisce every hour every ounce every single thing fabricated throughout the year, all i got is monotonous and gruesome howling in my flesh off my skin.

Im playing Up by demi lovato and olly murs right now.It's sky rocket-ing in my head.What a great tune.Feel like im dancing to it lol.

Haaa!!!I've got something to tell ya.Spent my time over Mai's house,my great friend.It was maybe a long time ago.Just before the school holidays.Roughly a month ago.With my other classmates,Mum and Cajun we played the dance off game hahaha can u not.Im the worst on the dancing department thingy.Mum acted the dance like a pro.She's a queen.Cajun,being himself quite good tho.Mai's great too.It was wayyy too fun.Dancing like nobody's watching.But seeing Mai's mum watching us dancing like mocking apes was too hideous tho.Like im feeling like hiding my head into my shirt.But i was in my school attire so it's not that possible to do.

2014 was fun,

2014 was not fun.

Do u see the difference.

2014 is one of the games and tricks of life.U can't have the best moment's being thrown out to you regularly.There's no such thing as a fairytale.No such thing as infinities living in the walls of your house.We are all mortal livings.Designated with unknown intervals of lifespan.At this very moment.our breath will stumble,franticly puffing,or

Ur just that lucky to live.

I believe 2015 has so much to offer.I can;t assure i'll keep living to the foremost next year.I glad i did have those ups and downs.From the moment i feel like smiling and screaming in shades of rainbows-to the time my tear-streaked face goofily enchance the days.

2015,come and lie next to me.Show me what you got.

Extended days of famishing

well,royal announcement that basically implies agreement for all students in Malaysia for;

the extended school holidays caused by the worsening flood ugh.

but i've heard from articles online that it becomes better,especially at the East Coast.but that maybe sounds a strand better for those affected by the flood.I've never been caught up to such,but i kinda related in some ways possible.i know it's gonna be hard,with all that stuff occuring to you.

Even i've never experienced that sorta thing for a long time

Speaking about next year,im becoming a senior whatttt???!!!

I don't why that reminds me of High School Musical 3: The Senior Year 

I can't believe im that old 

It's my senior yearrrr warghhhhh, i don't think im ready.I've come up with the reasons of why i shouldn't been classified in the senior year.TO LAZY TO WRITE THAT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA.

Last year was a joke.In some ways.Talking about embarassing devastating irritating excruciating grades and ranks.but i hope 2015 will be a chamber for prosperity and new values coming up from myself.

I've been in those phases when i've seen before my eyes who will close the gates for me to enter,who will wait with palms arrayed with warmth.People come and go it's a fact.

worsening flood

So people have been chanting around and buzzing the news and updates since the worsening flood occured weeks ago i suppose.correct me if i crossed the fact unconditianally.(haven't been reading the news um).glad that didn't happen in Putrajaya,the love of my life right now.Lol.Okay but my friends across the country have been experiencing this earth madness that doesn't seem to stop though.Hope they are okay.I don't know what will happen,things do fabricate before we notice,from a spark that doesn't burn to fireworks that make the residences chant in awe.

I mean that's what i thought.I don't know. alah aisyah semua benda kau tak tahu lahai.

im being so lame by checking my blog stats.ha,there's people viewing my blog em why am i suprised.no one's has ever alarmed about my blog's existence,since the address change alphabetically.like really.

i was on the phone with syima last night.i miss her ughhhh.we've been more than acquainted few years ago.speaking about how time escalates.

school's gonna start less than a week.am i ready am i ready maybe not maybe yes.

people will say just follow the flow whatsoever.the cliche that gave a punch right in my eyeballs.they are bleeding with despair,frightened what is waiting,the scenery,everything.

im scared.there's ain't no all hell breaks loose next year,i hope.

ugh,why do i feel like im way ranks down about my language.i sound like an elementary school kid.

or maybe worse than that.adoilahhh.

why do i feel this way.isn't there any arrayed manifest that i didn;t know;yet leave them to Allah to monitor.

Ungranted wish.

Am so lazy to place any picture here.By the way,this is idk omg i forgot what im about to say.

So just wanted to share to you.

I think everyone knew i wanted to be a writer way too much

To think of it,i can't even have a great interpretation of words.in order to succed as an author,an individual must ace those borderlines that kept me far.

i can't write at all.

it's not much of a brainer.

ps:// it's the feeling of glistening the gaze of your dreams, being suck in by ur own contradictions,wielding the walls you have to get in.reviewing the failure that have grown upon yourself however,you are prone excessively to spiritual suicide

Biar tenggelam. (crap #1)

ps:// amaran, penggunaan bahasa kurang puitis yang dilebih-lebihkan tahap kebodohannya demi mencapai kuota seleksi penulis.tidak sesuai untuk pembacaan umum

Jatuh bangun adakalanya terpagut pengakaran resolusi yang tersadung,cuba menggapai dua dalam satu,sambil kudrat esa dipahat tinggi,menongkah langit.

jatuh bangun itu terhasilnya persis pengaksesan awan menembusi layaran dunia,prosesnya berliku,diratapi bagaikan seribu hari megisi ufuk hati.

jatuh bangun meratah jasad dan naluri,secebis nirmala tiada bandingan.

biar roman berbalur hina,maruah dipalu sembilu.

jatuh bangunnya kian dilitupi kegemilangannya.

kerana yang Esa punya momentum keatas umatnya

melebihi yang termaktub di filsuf kendiri.

ps:// tengok bahasa dah tahu kenapa bm markah rendah hahahahaha ok

The appreciation

Oh hello again.Something just came up to my mind uh uh uh tell me it was awesome uh okay.

Long distancy is a term well for me it's just basically how distance works beyond the sights for everybody.It's a chance of knowing someone virtually(because that's basically how it applies to me) and getting a strong bond with someone you never imagine will change your life forever.It's something that you get in your own ways.Omg.Im not making any sense.Forget it.DUh,

But a lot of long distance relationships kinda set the bar up high more to the connection of two different genders.Or u know,partners.That involves feelings.More than an alliance.You know what i mean ugh.Im not getting to the point.

So the story starts like dis yo like dis.

Scrolling through my twitter thru the bottom like mybe only a few would do,I was obsessed with pitch perfect omgggggg watched it for like um idk times but i'll tell ya i even memorise the dialogues and songs and lemme tell you why.it was rad.super rad.Skylar Astin omg.He's the one that i never forget.

He's cute.Mkay.But he has Beca.Can i cry now.

Idk how it all started between me and her.But i kinda get to reconnect what it seemed to be visualised back then.Maybe she or me retweeted something and suddenly we just talk about pitch perfect,just sharing stuffs about pitch perfect,

It was a year ago.Almost.Omg.

I can't even say how grateful i am to meet her.We've become soooo close than i would predict we would to.We share our secrets and problems and pretty much stuffs that u tell ur bestfriend.Idk.Idk what to say.We basically just blend together.

We never met before which sad.She's across the country to me.I've been to her place but didn't get the chance to make out to her sight.She's been in my state but i didn't last to get off my ass and meet her.It was confusing.Way more confusing.We've been on each other state which would take over 9 hours by car because i've been there before quite a lot.

She lives in perlis and im in putrajaya.

like two worlds tryna be in contact with each other.but lol we're not that far tho.Or maybe.

Im just so grateful to meet her.She's been there for me on my dark cloudy days that won't seem to go but the shades of rainbow showed signs in contact as she walks in.We talk a lot on whatsapp.

Sarah if ur reading this im sorry it was kinda boring lol but you know how much i love you and you're just a beautiful sunset that cascades it's pure sincerity to best of collided worlds uhuk.Im pretty sure you changed me in great way and i hate the fact that ur soo insecure and in solid denial for the greatest things of urself.

You're beautiful inside and out.

Words can't contradict that beauty that u have,on choices of words that warm my heart.That spirit that lifted me and repelled my dark side,i just.boom.Im so grateful to have you uhuk.

I wish i can be there on ur coming birthday tho.I really want to.Haih.

Distance doesn't do much of lack of feelings u have for someone except lightens up the perspective of urself to just know why you're still having the affection and connection to the individual

Excuse my screwed up language here.I tried to make the best out of it but,

Turns out it's still fried crap.No one would eat it.

ps:// did i just  oh nevermind


Oh hello again blog.Kinda miss you.So.These days off school has been ratchet.

To the point where i thought being dumb is like the only spell that would have been most appropriate to use.To cast.To fabricate.Choose your words wisely.Lol.Okay.I love playing with words.But speaking of that,

Im not that well on the grammar department.My uses of words and the u know my essays are trash.Im one of the worst students off my class.They're all have this conveniency(idk if that's a word) of words.Which doesn't practically implies to siti nur aisyah.The royal imbecile.Obnoxious.And deluded physical chunks of brain.I wish i can do a lot with words.Because i like to write.A lot.But my reading hasn't done anything decent or technically magical.

It's as easy as it seems.You're lacking is something that you're not fond of doing.
That's the case.It's just simple as that.Pemalas punya siti nur aisyah lol.Payah baca novel.

Nak kongsi ah .Okay.Not that i want to brag.Which could have been the unselected section or wtv it is halah of my life.Not to brag.Lol.Okay.Bengangnya aku.Hadoi lah.

So because i have this u know weird love for words and it doesn't seem to show in my everyday life basis,i love to do weird chantings in my essays.Talking about stuffs that are impossible to instill.And that's why i always get the downgraded ass-y marks for language.

But one fact about me is i love that stuff like a lot.I do have an amazing experience to sorta evolve in a world of determination.That starts off kat kem pembinaan bakat tunas remaja.The nationals kat Melaka.It was amazing.Semua berbakat belaka duh.I am the worst i think.I got paired up with two talented people of my state,ainaa and imran.Way too talented.

It was a national camp so u know.Lots and lots of greatest brainers to date.I was sucked in by my inability to compress words into undeniably amazing work of art.Omg.So embarassing.

Ok so it was great.And i think one of favourite moments was reuniting with my childhood friend.Her name is yanie.One of the kindest and sweetest person you have ever caught up to.She is in denial of her talent and im kinda sad.

I think i ramble a lot on this post.But whatever.Lol.Okay.

This is getting awkward.So

Things been so boring this month.I'll do a new post soon.Uhuk.Yep,Whatever



Assalamualaikum.Ya allah lama tak update blog duh.Lama sangat duh.Hahahahahaah

Logged in here pastu terbaca post lama.God.Childlish gila.I was like 

Don't tell me i wrote that.Or that straight up came from my heart tho

And yep.I consumed most of my time on twitter.Chanting about endless insanity.Malas nak baca post post lama.It was utter  trash omgggg. I just.cant.

Oh btw,since dah form 4 (sebulan lagi form 5 SPM ADOMAKK ADOI SERIOUSLY)





as a student yang tak berapa nak bijak pandai cam kawan kawan lain i think i kinda get the hang of it.my dumbness actually

well i know i wasn't supposed to whine about anything i know some valedictorian off some colleges or sumthin sumthin ehem to motivate wtv they might say stuffs like 'just kick ur ass off to hustle up across ur catastrophe straight up to the goals' oh god trash trash.im sooo am not motivated right now.


well some people off my school study gila-gila.some is a genius or have an IQ of sumthin sumthin that blew the heck of my room.and aku lak.belajar pun tak pandai.ergh.(okay im not the type of person that really studies ok ngaku pun)whatever.just to state a fact.
i got involved(on my will) in an extra class of engineering drawing and CAN U NOT.it is a private class so.i got  voluntarily paired up with a friend of mine sabrina that is just an utter genius.the first lesson okayy THE FREAKING FIRST LESSON WAS A BREEZE TO HER.OKAY so sorry for the caps i was gonna stress that out lol that she's an instant learner and yep my teacher could read anyone so he stated that sabrina is really really is a magnificent student.omg.im so dumb.that's all.is something wrong with me.im a really really slow ass learner.bad recollection memory.and again.i never ever feel ever in my life a decent student.with decent grades actually.duh.whatever.

i think ive said whatever a lot.

im bad anything wow.that's so amazing uh-huh.ohh- so

hadoi i shouldn't wrote that as a grand re-opening of my blog.

i will blog more tho as no one would ever have gotten my blog into their sights wahahahaah IM SOO ECSTATIS BY THE FACT THAT IM BACKK

i really like this stuff and i don't care who will read mine or comment.

hope nobody did tehee.

bye.see ya.

ps:// omg im halfway reviewing my past posts my title and i knew without reading it it was like a journey through a dumb highschooler.haih.tak kisah lah.i miss blogging.