What's up with Choi Minho ?

This entry contain no hate .

Yeah , I figure out that most of my friends either from north or south love Choi Minho and fangirled him since he in To The Beautiful You .Honestly I don't watch TTBY or what-so-ever you named  it .

I kinda like him since Sherlock Shinee MV released .But the fangirling don't last long .Minho himself in Shinee is full of charisma and cool :3 He own whole package ... he can sing and he's cute .

And by the way , Im no longer fangirling him .Cheers .What's more funny my friend even have him in her dream .Lucky you , friend .What's more dramatic in the past 2 years or last year people are going crazy for Lee Minho .Yeah , the actor of Boys Over Flowers .

If you have to count  kpoppers in the world , how much do you get ?

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