So sad

I lost my confidence .I felt so stupid .I felt down .Haters ? Awwhhh just let them , they mean nothing to me. A person that talk behind you is the person you should leave behind .Now to keeps ragind back and forth in my mind is that I could'nt get rid of myself from this social life .Addicted to twitter .Addicted to facebook .

Okay , my mum said Puan Sri gave advice about keep an eye about teens .Teens is MEEEE. So I really want to improve myself .I want to get better and get rid this social life now .I want to delete history and fill them with sasbadionline -.- Not going to open facebook .Twitter also .

I hate my result .How bad I am .Getting worse .Ohhh , and get rid of youtube too .Im always stuck in EllenShow like that was un'prevent'able *that's not a word , uhh*.

Im also will be going to Lumut Perak for holidays .Even worse that 's before exam .Can't enjoy much .And I hate today .I could'nt rise up early because my brother keep my cellphone .I was really mad back then .URGHHH .15 days before exam .

I END THIS ADDICTION FOR NOW .Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

Siti Nur Aisyah
Hiatus from 13 October - 9 November
ps:// Exam is just around the corner .

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