Having a good time :D

Yeahh .Assalamualaikum and hi .Tadi banyak sangat bersin hmmmm ;p Exam dalam 2 minggu lagi Im so scared and nervous ... but if you ever experienced this , you deserved my high 5 -___-

-> compared to your friends achievement
-> compared to your siblings
-> compared to your neighbours
-> feel really stresss
-> feel really dumb.

I really hate to talk about my newest result .But ... I have to .Bahasa Inggeris je naik .Tapi naik 2 markah .Still markah atas pagar .Markah paras bahaya .Bahaya nak mampus .My health is bad so I think that affects my marks a bit :/ Maybe a lot .

Really hope I did better on final exam .

And ! I really excited to talk about this girl .Yeahh , this girl .She 's beautiful and kind .Her name is Maddi :D She's a lovatic like me too .

She DM me recently and gave her facebook account link .Tapi takutla nak add dia .Entahla .Mungkin dia tak suka orang Islam , hijabster like me .Tapi kan... aku nya twitter mesti Maddi tahu aku muslim dari twitcon .But entahla .:/ Takut nanti dia tak terima .

Ala , just add her ! :D I love the fact she's an obsessed lovatic like me too.

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