What's the point of speaking English better ? Fluent ?

Opss .Tajuk mintak kaki but nevermind.

Have u ever watched this girl ? This super fluent girl talking with full confidence , speaking like a native English speaker ? Im not jealous Im just wanna be fluent too .So get it , people , blogs and dust ?

I hereby that this girl , is cute . Look how fast she talk .The heck without arranging words ? Maigodd , my endurance . MY ENDURANCE ! I checked some websites , spending hours finding stupid tips about how to speak english fluently.What I remembered is DON'T LEARN GRAMMAR TO MUCH .

So hari Rabu exam BM hari Khamis exam Science but what I do is the stupidest thing in the whole wide world .Reactivating my facebook and now I start to addicted to it again .Uncountable clicks of deactivate bruh.

So forget about speaking blah blah blah fluent , Aisya .

I love English so much that my English results is quite higher than Bahasa Malaysia .I used to favourited Bahasa Malaysia 2 years ago while I was 12 .But past is past .Now Bahasa Malaysia or the heck you named it .English is easier than BM .Hari tu nak kecundang au dalam BM .Just a bit more errors . Sobsob.

1 day ago , Adibah . Old friend from Perlis message me .That make my day really .She message me on my friend's birthday , 4 August .And my birthday is 3 August .Nahh , forget about how many people wishing .Im just cool .Im not famous and Im glad of that .

Enjoying my chocolate handmade cake by myself is the happiest thing of my life .I sorang je yang suka makanan barat ni =.= WHY BROTHERS , WHY ?

Spagetti Bolognaise ? They prefer nasi ayam .

Nasi lemak ? I prefer Curry Udon at SushiKing *that 's a japanese food .*

Last Saturday was Alya 's birthday so she planned to celebrato*cool aite?* with me , Mai and Mum .Sab could'nt be there :'( 


A cup of Oreo Mcflurry .That could explain why Im coughing non - stop .My voice sounds like Hulk . Flu .Too late to regret because I satisfied.

My first visit at SushiKing was awesome .Curry Udon recently favourite food of me .Ahh , that contagious taste that everyone can't forget .Siapalah yang sudi pergi SushiKing dengan aku lagi .Too bad makanan mahal mahal.

On my birthday I get a new watch .Warna pink .Suprise present .My parents really knew what like and what I hate. I never hate what they give .

Ohh , this is a quite long entry ..................................... bye .

My English is really quite bad .Need to improve and improve .My english test mark is just too  medium .80 .*trollface*

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