Contest Surat "Dear Government of Malaysia..." (versi BI dan BM)

Whoaa,cantiknya banner.Lagi cantik banner tu di sini.Haha :3 Joke .Saya join contest ni k.Hope menang and saya cuma nak ingatkan saya punya ayat memang tak boleh blah.So here it goes ,

"Dear Goverment Of Malaysia,

Remove films that are inapropriate for kids please.Poor them.Every 'that' scene their eyes seems to popped over .Whoooooooo

"Omg omg that's so ........"

5 months later :

K.That's not good for their education though.

Invent the best way of studies for students .That not easily make them bored with the thick textbooks!

I love to learn!

Please remove cigarettes,and drugs, and drugs user and ANYTHING related to DRUGS and CIGARETTES!Just put the cigarette in their(user) mouth and let them chew it untill death.Sure they like it much.Many cruel disease are from cigarettes.Huh.

A robot for people

Please invent a robot especially for lazy people.If they forgot to do something important or basics thingy then the robot will kick their ass or slap it.That's also the best way for people who thinks their laptop is their best friend =,=

Best security for houses 

a) way better than CCTV.
b) way better than than the concrete gate
c) way better than than thick and glass windows
d)way stronger guard 

Smarter school uniform for students

Girl-Im wearing an apron! Let's cook with the books!

a) way better and smarter and comfort 

Make a speech for parents to make they know that their kids :

Comparing me to others make me feel useless
Go back to home at midnight does'nt mean Im taking something harmful =,=
My friends never bring bad influence to me
School is hard and Im trying to do my best

A wider road to prevent traffic jam =,=


ps://emm,cenggitu la post content.I know tak bagus sangat sebab dia umum.heheh.k.Dah tepati syarat syarat dah :)

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