An Update From The Future (bleh)

I have grown to be attached and deattached to people of different backgrounds and colours.Some backgrounds infiltrate my desire to keep on soaring with them,since they have different visions that I will never want to keep up with.When you come across someone who possess not onyl different traits which I can compromise,but also different ways of perceiving the world,you start to sit backa nd have all these thoughts of What I's and how incompatible you guys can be

First of all,never be fooled by first impressions.There is a reason why they are called first's.Not continuous and last.

I am very lucky to take leaps and listen to my guts.I have a lot of way to go in terms of my confidence.It's very humbling to have so many support from my friends.I feel like I can achieve anything with their support.

My parents.Where do I start.I do most things,99% because of them.To think that my achievements solely and entirely come from myself,I doubt that without their doa I can even orchestrate a step forward.

I am grateful to still have oxygen supplied to my brain.I want to accept failures as a friend,not an enemy anymore.I realize that drowning myself in negativity cuts all the strength not even mentally but it dreads me out physically.

I wish someday I can-- be a humanitarian person

Yesterday I was the 10th contestant for a Public Speaking Competition in my poli.My topic was "Humanity".And alhamdulillah for a first-timer,I won.

A little bit glimpse about what I was talking about yesterday is everyone should possess the trait humanity in themselves.It's as simple as helping your mom doing your work and to an up notch level,or simply said a step higher,helping the poor and the disabled.

Humanity should not be understood as going to war and going out of your way spending a lot for a bigger cause.Give as small portion as you can to people in need.And I frequently repeated that it can be started as a simple treat to someone,not expecting anything in return.

Humanity is a quality a human being possess.Is distinguished a man from other individual 

Alhamdulillah for everything.